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Noah Thomas
Apr 04, 2018
In Community Works
I've always been bad at writing, especially fiction writing. I can however write some non fiction and some comedy. I feel like that's the one thing I know how to do. Comedy is always there for whatever situation I get myself involved in. I guess I am comedy. My Life is comedy. I am a joke. My last breakup I laughed my way out of it. I thought if I were to stop talking to my ex maybe that was a breakup itself. She didn't think so because she showed up to my work. After a week of ignoring all her texts and calls I'm walking out of work, get to my car, and then I get a call from my friend. Friend: Ex is at your work. Me: Wait wha. Before I finish my ex knocks on my car window already screaming at me. Ex: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! Me: "Holding back laughter" GET IN THE CAR! At this point I'm thinking this is comedy gold and as shes yelling at me I'm getting closer to tears. It's not my fault I'm like this, the world around me is just too great and funny to take seriously. We end up deciding to officially break up and wipe our tears off of our eyes. Her's from sadness and mine from laughter. I guess the moral of the story could be I'm an asshole. Or I'm a free spirit just looking for a good time. Perhaps that I'm immature and can't take anything seriously. I think there is no moral to this story just sharing experience. I only know how to share this experience the same way I did my breakup. With comedy. -Noah

Noah Thomas

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