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Why Snails?

To us, the snails represent coming out of your shell and experiencing the external world. We as humans are here to have an experience, we can't to that if we hide our true essence away from the world. 

Each snail has an emotion to it, some emotions are negative/destructive and that is shown with the evil in the eyes of those snails. Some emotions are positive/constructive, those snails have eyes filled with color.



SNAIL'D IT snails are, for the most part, hand drawn and only re-done if there's a major fuck up. Each design has its own quirks. No two snails are the same. In doing this, we are celebrating diversity. Each and every person has their own weird quirks and they should be celebrated.  

The Shell

The Shell of each snail represents an aspect of life. By drawing a snail, its like I'm taking a highlighter to an aspect of existence. Releasing designs shows people the aspects of life that I wish to give some spotlight.

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