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You're going to realize that I'm actually super lame after reading this.

Just another normal day. Was workin both jobs so nothing eventful happened except for the fact that I decided to use the half hour I had between shifts to make my lunch for tomorrow. At first it wasn't that big a deal and I didn't think much of it. Fast forward to now (6 hours later) it has become the highlight of my day. Getting that done early became the biggest weight off my shoulders later on. Close up at the clam was rough cuz it was only me. Then I had to run to the supermarket with 10 minutes before they closed (we made it btw!!!). Gassed up the whip on the way home. THEN I made a little post for the giveaway. After was when I finally sat down to write this but I couldn't think of a highlight until I suddenly remembered, "I FORGOT TO MAKE MY LUNCH!" so I ran down stairs and opened the fridge to have my pre-made lunch stare right back at me with a glimmer in its eye that just said, "theres you're damn topic you loser". So we went with it. Gotta enjoy the little things. Hope I made you laugh with this one. If not, I'm officially a LAMO. LIFE IS LAME! wait that's not it, LIFE IS RAD! eh they're both kinda true lol.

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