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Uncle Mike's Wedding

Got back from my Uncle's wedding last night. Had an awesome time the last few days with the homies Ryan, Gavin, and Kyle. We all got there a day early to help set up, throw horseshoes and do a little skating. The day of the wedding was a total vibe, great music was playing the whole time, everyone was relaxed and having fun. A few times during the party I took the opportunity to shred the MASSIVE hill next to the house. This hill was insane! My Dad ended up following my in his car for a run and said I clocked 40 mph! Felt pretty great on top of the fact I was wearing nice clothes. I gotta say it was a much needed confidence boost.

The day after the wedding the homies and I went for a super rad hike to a lake with a little cliff jump spot. Too bad I forgot my shorts but it was fun to watch everyone jumpin' and having a good time ;)

Super grateful for the good vibes last weekend! Hopefully we can all get together again soon for some more adventures!

LIFE IS RAD! Stay active! Stay curious! Keep shreddin and adventuring!

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