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We Be Workin!

Brought my computer to the shop today so I could edit the newest TalkSesh. While waiting for it to upload, I helped a guy out with setting up a new full complete snowboard package. Got him hyped up on a Never Summer "Shaper Twin" and a pair of Union "Strata" bindings. The dude was super hyped once he found out both items were part of the sale we have going on and he was able to grab that setup for just over $700. A TOTAL FUCKING STEAL! I got so hyped up for this dude when he realized how much he saved for such an awesome combo. Also felt super productive knowing that my "SNAIL'D IT side hustle" was uploading the whole time I was working with him. Feeling super productive right now and even more stoked to get yet another rider out on the slopes with some SICK equipment. LIFE IS FUCKIN RAD RIGHT NOW!

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