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Thanks GARY V!

Just had to make a quick one to thank Gary V. Every-time I don't have any motivation, I watch one of his vids for inspiration or a kick in the ass. One of the few people out there giving valid information out for free! If you're trying to build a brand like me and don't listen to Gary V's podcasts or videos, you are making a big mistake. I've learned so much from this man and I've never met him or paid for a course. All of it is freely available online. Once again I just have to say, thank you for being genuine and helping me along my journey. I hope one day I get an opportunity to work with you. Maybe even get you on a TalkSesh! Keep killin it! GARY V IS RAD!

-P.S. this was inspired by the " 100 pieces of content" talk you made. Great advice!

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