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Spreadin' The Love Of Skateboarding ;)

Honestly bro, this has been a wicked nice week. Been out skating a ton and getting some super gnarly rides. The Sun has been out nearly every day, flowers of May are starting to bloom, the air is fresh. Perfect weather to bomb hills ;)

Also! The other day, I was out riding and saw a group of four little groms (kid skaters) out trying to learn to skate on my local hill. I couldn't help assuming I may have inspired them over the years so I rode over and talked to them a bit about skating and how fun it gets as you learn new tricks. Then I remembered I had said in a TalkSesh that I still have some older longboards that I no longer use often and that I planned to giveaway. I asked them if they'd want to try the bigger longboard and they all got super hyped. I ran home and grabbed my old FS Longboard and gave it to Owen. Owen is the only name I remember and I gave him the board because all the kids said he was the first one to start skating and that he always shares his extra board mini-skateboard with the other kids. This quick post is dedicated to Owen for bein a rad lil dude and spreading the love of skating to his neighbors as I try to do every time I cruise down a hill. I hope to one day see him out on the hills shreddin! LIFE IS RAD! Thanks OWEN!

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