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Skate Sesh in Newburyport

Me and the homies Matt, Nick, and Jake all drove down to Newburport today to skate and get footage. We found some really sick spots in the process. Nick came insanely close to getting a kickflip over a nice looking three set we found. (We're gonna go back soon so he can stick it.) Got a few other little shots before we had the cops called and we had to leave. Fortunately the officer who came to kick us out was very cool about it and we didn't get into any trouble. Shortly after a kid riding a motorcycle, with a skateboard on his backpack told us to hop in our car and follow him to a cool skatepark consisting of three bowls and a few small features. There were a bunch of little groms there shredding and we all joined the sesh and had a super awesome time. These are the days/sessions I live for. What an incredible day! LIFE IS RAD AF!

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