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Back at the Skate Shop

Today I had my first shift back at NOTB after a long period of time off due to the Corona Virus. Had a nice chill first shift back. Had only a couple customers come in, so I spent most of my shift cutting skate clips for my homies Matt and Jake. I had filmed them skating a few weeks ago but hadn't had any time to send them their clips. Today provided a perfect opportunity to get them cut and edited while I was at work ;)

"We straight up grindin son!"

Really stoked I was able to get that all taken care of so the homies have some cool content to post up.

I also was able to consolidate a few of the "better" clips and put them aside for the big "Summer Skate Edit" I'm working on ;)

Now I'm about to close up here at the shop and bump over to Clam Haven for a couple hours to help them close up and get a couple extra hours on my time card. ("Gotta get that money boii!")

Tomorrow I plan to use my extra time at NOTB to knock out editing the newest TalkSesh and get that posted up. Stay tuned, stay creative, LIFE IS RAD!

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