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"A Great Season Of Change Is Upon Us"

Went to bomb some hills after work and after a couple nice runs I was walking back to the top and met a nice older gentleman who was new to the neighborhood. He asked if he could share a poem with me and proceeded to recite a poem he had wrote. I wish I could remember the whole thing because it was a beautiful poem. I'm really glad I stopped to talk to him. Hopefully one day I'll see him out there again and he'll share another. Maybe I can get him to share one of his works in the "Creative Writing Zone."

This post is a special one. This is a thank you to the world for that peculiar encounter. In this fast world we live in these small things are becoming increasingly rare. I'm very grateful I was in the right place at the right time to hear a bit of this mans poetry and a bit of his personal story in the process. Thank you universe, this was a cool day for sure!

I agree with the first line of his poem "A Great Season of Change is Upon Us!'


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