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I really fell off the past few months. Not caused by one thing in particular but no matter what the actual cause was, I was basically telling myself I was too tired or allowed negative emotions to dictate my external life. So what ended up happening was I pretty much dropped everything, aside from going to work everyday and snowboard on my days off. Upon analysis I have come to realize this little hiatus wasn't such a bad thing. It gave me time away from SNAIL'D IT. During that time I continued to get compliments and good energy thrown my way for what I have already done with the brand which was awesome. I tend to be doubtful toward myself and abilities but hearing so many people say cool stuff about what I'm doing helped me to realize my doubts were mine and mine alone. I then realized I needed this little step back to see if this brand and its development were a "good choice." It's pretty obvious that this brand is not NORMAL and that wasn't part of the design. That being said I started to think that maybe it was too out there and would eventually cast a bad shadow over how people in everyday life see me. (Whether you think it matters or not, how the external world views you IS important and you should care a bit about how you are perceived.) I just needed to realize that while it is important, it isn't as important as my mission and my well being. Took me a while but as of this moment I can honestly say I am proud of SNAIL'D IT and what I am trying to do with it and I am officially back on track and ready to kill it in 2020.

Having said that, I am still in the process of figuring out a proper balance of routine and habits to make this a progressive year. The store will most likely remain offline for the entirety of this year. My focus is to simply put out one TalkSesh a week, write more, and share a bit more of my drawings/doodles. I need to take it easy when it comes to costly investments for the brand this year because my attention is currently on finding my own place to live independently so I can focus on creating more designs, videos, and writings for everyone the following years. 2020 is going to be about owning mistakes and refining the foundation I have created so as to make the next decade a SHIT LOAD OF FUN! Gonna take some seriously hard work but I am stoked to say that I am ready for the new year. I may be 13 days late but fuck it, 13 is my lucky number. Lets get after it this year and turn dreams to reality!


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